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 HTC is proud to announce that we are now offering Document Conversion Services


Document Conversion Includes: Document Pick-up or Delivery: Our in-process workflow begins at the point of document pick-up at your location or at receipt of documents by a certified courier such as UPS or FedEx at our production facility. We clearly understand the importance of chain-of-custody and take every necessary measure to protect your documents, while in our possession. Preparation: Vital to the overall success of the conversion process, we take extra measures to ensure your documents are handled properly and managed individually, based on size, type and legibility. We handle a variety of document sizes to include large format engineering drawings. Scanning: With a nationwide document production facility network, DOMA offers a full range of scanning services to meet your specific requirements, while ensuring the highest standards of security, quality and accuracy, whether performed on-site at your location or at our production facilities. Indexing: Organizing, classifying, and indexing documents, images and files allow you to quickly reference documents with minimal time and effort. We utilize both bar-coding and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) embedded technologies to reduce indexing errors and speed up the conversion process. Quality Assurance: Our managers perform quality control assurance concurrently with scanning and on a daily basis to ensure any inconsistencies are documented and immediately rectified. Customer Online Access & Review: Throughout our scanning project, clients can review documents as they are converted and track the status of the project through an online client account. Online Storage: We provide a high performance, secure, hosted, multi-location, repository of electronic records designed to achieve usability and availability through industry leading cloud-based technology. Creating Employment: This new line of business for HTC has allowed us to create/sustain 6 new jobs, with more to be added soon. Have YOU made an Impact today?

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