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The Board of Directors of Human Technologies Corporation (HTC) recently held their 55th Annual Meeting and honored several employees for their long term commitment and service to the company.

Those recognized were:

Thirty years of service:
Geraldine Sciortino, Sewing Machine Operator, Northern Apparel.

Twenty-five years of service:
Michael Carchedi, Production Worker, Manufacturing Operations; Clay Mowry, Production Worker, Manufacturing Operations, Northern Apparel; Frank Pula, Janitor, ProClean.

Twenty years of service:
William Daley, Production Worker, Manufacturing Operations; Candido Garcia, Screen Printing Operator, Graphtex; Michael Roberts, Production Worker, Manufacturing Operations; Robert Nemyier, Janitor, ProClean.

Fifteen years of service:
Debra Maynard, Senior Team Lead, Northern Apparel; Thomas Denslow, Project Supervisor, ProClean; Elaine Romano, Clinical Supervisor, Mental Health Connections-Rome

Ten years of service:
Jeanne Glatt, Customer Service Team Leader, Customer Service; Vincenzo Graniero, Cutting Room Operator, Northern Apparel; David Mentus, Operations Manager, ProClean; Ronald Michalowski, Janitor, ProClean; Angel Santiago, Sr., Janitor, ProClean; Kimberly Yero, Medical Account Specialist, Mental Health Connections-Utica.

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