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A packaging designer and manufacturer and supply chain solutions company with global reach, Smurfit-Stone offers packaging solutions while also considering a product’s environmental footprint.

HTC works with Smurfit-Stone on a variety of customers’ packaging products, including manufacturing sheets of corrugated board that are turned into cartons for packaging for Beech Nut Foods by HTC employees. When Beech Nut had a problem with cartons jamming its machines when they were inserted improperly (the sheets looked the same on all sides), Smurfit worked with HTC and Beech Nut to customize the packaging to prevent improper insertion.

Smurfit also provides the cartons for Ommegang Brewery’s gift packs and sample packs of beer. “Smurfit-Stone ships the packaging directly to us at HTC, saving Ommegang time and freight,” said Bob Payne, vice president of manufacturing and operations for HTC. “We listen to our customers, hear what the problem is, and try to be proactive to solve it for them. Smurfit-Stone helps us solve problems.”

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