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Rebecca Fogg


Rebecca started at HTC in screen printing getting shirts off of the dryer and folding them. Her diligence and great work ethic caught the eye of the head of the embroidery department, which operates just across the room from the screen printing. Rebecca had never worked on a sewing machine before, but took to it like a duck to water and is now a valued member of a team successfully churning out the most detail-oriented, scrutinized products at the company. If you poke your head in on Rebecca at work, she could be overseeing pieces for the US Forest Service or the Boilermaker Road Race. She could be working on windbreakers, jackets, sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, bags or one of many other products that the embroidery team handles.

Anyone who works with her will tell you that Rebecca is quiet as a mouse, which was evident when asked if she sets a good example to others with her work ethic. She thinks it over intently and then says “yes” but almost in a questioning way – probably not realizing what a impression she leaves on others just by doing her job well. How has this job changed her life? She shares, “I’ve gotten better with communication... my delay has gotten faster because there are so many people around to talk with.” Rebecca’s proudest moment was when she won the HTC “Works For Me” award, which honors the best in personal improvement.

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