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Dennis Colburn


Although Dennis’ deafness causes a communication barrier, people always say hello or shake his hand when they see him at work, and that gives him a sense of belonging that he has not been able to find anywhere else. Before coming to HTC, Dennis did odd jobs here and there on a short term basis and even though projects like that give him joy, they weren’t completely fulfilling.

At Maintenance Plus, he fixes things inside and outside, does outside maintenance work (even in the winter, he makes sure to share!) and does a variety of cleaning jobs. Simply put, he likes fixing things. Even when asked what he likes to do after work for fun, his reply is “Fix things!”

Success to Dennis is having more independence and experience. He is proud when people say they like the work that he does for them, which as you get to know those who work at HTC, is a very prevalent feeling.

HTC has been a resource for him to come to no matter what. Even if the problem is not work related, they’ll put him in touch with those who can help. It’s comforting to have a place like that. He knows he’s not alone and knows that he can look to the company for guidance at any time.

In parting, Dennis shared this about the work he does: “I like it. Sometimes I’ll look at my watch and can’t believe it’s time to go home already!”

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