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Herb Williams


Herb is a war veteran who has been working at the Sunrise Cafe for 22 years. He’s the hardworking “behind the scenes” guy that claims, “My job, to me, is my life. I forget I have a disability here - without work, I’d have problems.”

Herb has worked in restaurants all his life in many capacities. His everyday responsibilities now include prepping for breakfast and lunch and clean up – the very important back of the house maintenance that keeps the cafe running smoothly. Over 22 years, he has seen the amazing evolution of the Sunrise Cafe.

The cafe used to be recipients of government-issued food, now they’re ordering from Sysco like a regular restaurant.  The whole kitchen has come a long way - the way they set up and look at the whole picture and the way that the workers get along with their disabilities.

Success to Herb is being able to enjoy his job and his friends and not being afraid of being able to pay his bills. “They have put me together,” he quietly reflects. “They gave me my break.”

People at HTC have helped Herb meet any crisis that he’s ever had to deal with and for that he is more grateful than words can express.

In a final thought he humbly shares, “I’m at the place I belong.”

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