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Dave Mentus


When asked for a favorite story Dave says, "Stories.. there are so so many... each person and each situation at HTC is amazing." Including his!

Originally from Guyana, a tremendous story of travel and adventure led him to his home here at HTC. He spent two years on a yacht traveling to Brazil, Turks and Caicos, French Guyana and every other island in the Caribbean. He eventually made his way to New York City and then on another adventure to Upstate New York, he fell in love with the area, found the job of a lifetime at HTC and commuted from New York City daily until his family was able to join him.

Dave is responsible for new business development and quoting, and looking after all PMG employees. He tells the crew what is expected of them on any particular job and makes sure the job gets done. The best advice he’s ever received was from his boss when he first started at HTC:  “Don’t be afraid of making decisions.” That, he claims, has made him the leader he is today. He excitedly shares, “My adrenaline is ON when there’s a challenge.” And he has challenged himself. “I work with numbers on different bids that I never thought I would be crunching. It’s given me tremendous confidence.”

He is excited about the future for the company and the recent growth into the Syracuse market. For the first time, employees
from outside the Utica area are joining the team in company-wide meetings and to see that kind of growth is so rewarding.

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