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Candace Duncan


Is Candace a different person than when she started at HTC? “Very much so,” she shares. “I have a sense of worth and I’m comfortable with my surroundings. I truly feel like I’m amongst my peers here.”

Working in the manufacturing division doing packaging and assembling, she performs whatever she is called on to do and loves it all. She has worked on contracts for the Brewery Ommegang as well as a local cookie company. At work, she sees women in leadership roles and going through each day with an “anything can be done” attitude, and that has been an incredible motivator for her. Seeing women working together and treating each other with respect pushes her to be better and better.

She knows there is struggle all around her at work. People who have both physical and mental struggles are working just feet from her and she reminds herself everyday that “if that person can get up and come to work against insurmountable odds, then there’s NO reason that I can’t. No reason at all.” Her independence is her biggest success. “I take care of myself - pay bills, buy groceries, prepare my meals... I depend on me now.”

Where does she see herself at HTC? In the same great position, moving a little faster, concentrating a little more, and having a challenge to tackle every day. “The minute I walk through the door here, the energy hits me. You can’t beat a workplace like that.”

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