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Kevin Canastar


Kevin’s brother told him about HTC almost five years ago and he’s been here ever since. Working in DMS, he deems himself a “jack of all trades” and admits that he’s up for whatever task comes up for him. He’s loaded trucks with corrugated cardboard, he packs and ships orders for Brewery Ommegang and has hung wire for Northland Communications. “You do what you have to do,” he says matter of factly. He’s a quick learner and eager to try new things.

When asked what his coworkers would say about him, he exclaims, “I’m a cool guy!” He’s the jokester and keeps things lighthearted in the workplace. The best thing about HTC to Kevin is “good friends” and the help they give each other on the job. If he needs help lifting, there is someone right there to help - no questions asked. They’re a team and it makes them proud to see each other succeed.

While at HTC, Kevin was trained and licensed to drive the fork lift, which only a few people at the company are able to do. He is excited that he now has acquired a skill that is very niche and makes him very marketable.

One of the biggest things Kevin takes pride in is recognizing safety issues and has earned himself many “Safety Dollars”, which are incentives that employees can use in the Sunrise Cafe. Safety is a big topic across all divisions of HTC and each employee is trained to be safe themselves and also to share any improvements they think could be made to make it safer for others.

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