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Johnny McGill


The greatest things that Johnny McGill has in life – his house, his car, his health – are admittedly because of his job at HTC. It has given him the stability and consistency that was vital for him to become a contributing member of society and of
his family.

Johnny works primarily at Rome Labs for ProClean, cleaning the floors in the 300,000 square foot facility. He has been nicknamed “the floor guy” because of his impeccable attention to detail and workmanship and overall pride in the job he performs. “If I get done with a floor and I don’t like what I see, I’ll stay and  get it to the way I like it.” He fills in for many people when they’re ill or on vacation and if there’s a co-worker who is having trouble finishing their job, he’ll pitch right in. He also helps teach newer team members the ropes as they start their jobs with ProClean.

He is also thankful for great supervisors who really “work to get the best out of you and won’t accept any less.” Being a father, grandfather AND great-grandfather, working hard allows him to be a good role model for everyone in the family. And because of the steadiness that he has gained, he returns home happier and less stressed than ever. His job at HTC has truly changed his life.

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