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Tim Pike


Tim’s laughter is frequent and his good nature is infectious to all around him. What you see is what you get with Tim – he’s the same genuine guy at work as he is if you see him outside of work. For the past six years, he has been working in the DMS division of HTC performing a multitude of tasks including handling materials, packing and inspecting and assembling of small parts. He also has responsibility to make sure that everyone has work to do on any given day.

Cross training is big at HTC and many employees learn skills in multiple divisions so they can become more well rounded and diversified for when the workload shifts. When Tim is asked if he’d like to train anywhere else, he quickly says, “I don’t sew!” He’s quite happy and always challenged in the manufacturing division, with every day bringing a new challenge. He views success as “getting the job DONE!”

He likes the people he works with and gets along with them well. He thinks his boss would say he does a good job and likes to tell jokes. (His co-workers will agree.) He’s grateful to have consistent work and claims that “If I wasn’t working, I’d get into trouble or just watch a lot of TV.” The job at HTC keeps him active and social and gives him lots of opportunity to keep very busy!

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