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Joe Hill


Joe has worked at HTC off and on since 1989. Currently, he is working with the very successful ProClean division and placed at the Army Reserve on Burrstone Road. His everyday responsibilities include “anything that’s put in front of me” – carpet cleaning, landscaping, general cleaning, etc. It helps build his confidence knowing that anything that comes his way can be tackled – he learns quickly and eagerly.

He gives his mom credit for his good work ethic. “My mom set a good example by getting me up at 5:00 in the morning to clean. I’ve always kept that work ethic with me.” Joe’s supervisor, Dave Mentus, has also been a great help to him. “He taught me how to stop putting myself down and how to work smarter, not harder.”

Success to Joe is paying it forward. He’s helping others and they’re sharing that with others right down the line. That’s the ultimate success.

An intense faith has kept Joe moving forward and helped overcome a difficult past. Now his purpose in life is to help others. “We’ve got to take a step of faith, encourage each other and lift each other up, not knock us down. That’s what the environment here is.”

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