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As one of the top 10 fastest growing industries in the United States, telecommunications has been a field in which people with disabilities are often unable to find employment. But in 2008, a partnership between Northland Communications and HTC transformed exclusion into opportunity.

For more than 100 years, Northland Communications has been providing excellent telecommunications service for the central New York region. When the company had a need for cable installers — people to lay computer and telecommunications cable in new construction and to retrofit existing buildings — HTC was able to provide the workforce. “They train our people with disabilities to be cable installers,” said Rick Sebastian, president/CEO of HTC. “We can now offer people with disabilities higher-level job experience, training and income production. And at the same time, we offer Northland a committed, knowledgeable, trustworthy employee.”

Employees from HTC’s Property Management Group also clean Northland’s administrative headquarters, and Northland supplies HTC with its telecommunications needs.

“Northland is a company committed to social responsibility beyond HTC,” Sebastian said. “And, they offer exceptional service and we offer exceptional service. We are both committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations. All of that just makes working with Northland a perfect fit for us.”

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