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Inventory has never been so easy. SCL is able to inventory all products warehoused for customers, and companies can easily check the inventory online, any time.

 Lot Control
SCL’s lot control services make it easy to track parts, components and raw materials. You can track parts throughout production, identify where each lot was used, and determine what lots were used in developing the end product.

SCL is able to:
•    Simplify the process of tracking parts throughout production
•    Provide control for lot sizes as small as one (i.e. serial numbers)
•    Easily identify materials with lot controls on purchase orders and shipping orders
•    Assign expiration dates to material that has a limited shelf life

Allocation Management
SCL’s allocation management systems allow you to digitally:

•    Check inventory availability
•    Allocate existing and/or expected inventory
•    Reserve inventory
•    Adjust inventory reservations